U-Track Fuel Monitoring



Pressure Range: 0-100mm ̃1000 (mm) optional

Min resolution: 1mm

Blind zone: Bottom of probe: 10 mm; Top of probe: 10 mm

Overload: Standard atmosphere pressure or 08ar to +2Bar optional

Accuracy (Linearity; Hysteresis; Repeatability) : ≤ ±3.0%

Stability : Standard: 0.1%F.S, Max: 0.2%F.S

Working Temp: -40°C 85°C

Storage Temp: -50°C 95°C

Medium compatible: Various media compatible with the aluminum alloy

Zero Temperature Drift: 0.05%/10°C

Max working current: <15 mA

Output signal refresh rate:5s/times (by customised).

Electronic connection: Directly cable with connector 6 pins

The process connects to port: 5 holes SAE flanges

Response time: First time starting time from 1s to 5s

Remarks: Special applications request