Prime Developers (Development & Planning Business)

Prime developers is a member of Prime Group and is working in development and construction of commercial and residential units in Multan. The business of prime developers is managed as A.O.P. Prime developers has worked successfully on different projects such as , Dost Medical Complex, central Heights, Mehmood Arcade, Multan gardens etc.

Prime Builders (Construction Business)

Prime builders is related with construction services to private and public institutions and working on different construction projects on contract basis such as Mehmood Arcade, Raheel Shopping Center, Dost Medical Complex, different housing projects etc. working as an A.O.P.

Prime Consultants (Real Estate Services)

Prime consultant is a one of the leading firm dealing in real estate business (sale & Purchase of property) and is member of Prime Group. The firm is working for the last 3.5 years. Prime Consultant is having vast experience of real estate specially construction and town planning. Developed prime villas and next project 29 acres is coming in January Eashum city on Vehari Road.

Prime Sales Agency (Trade & Distribution)

Prime sales agency is related with trade and distribution of cycle, motors cycles tires and tubes for south Punjab region of diamond tires and tube Karachi. Total capital involvement is 80 lac as a whole. Year of establishment is jan 2004 as an A.O.P.

Prime Enterprises (import & export)

Prime enterprises is a newly established member of prime group dealing in import and export business mainly organic and in organic chemicals from different countries.

Prime Feeds Pvt Limited (Poultry Feed Manufacturing)

Prime feeds is newly establishes business of Prime Group. Land of measuring 10 acres has been purchased on industrial area of Bahawalpur Road Multan. Construction of building will be started in January. Plan is to start production in next season (September 2006). Total project cost will be 70 Million, 18 million has been invested in land purchase from owner's capital.

Vision Soft Technologies (Software Development& industrial Automation)

Established for the last 6 years and active member of prime group, Vision Soft Technologies ( is a software development and IT consulting company having vast experience in designing and implementing enterprise business applications, Web development, e-commerce solutions and mobile computing. Doing many national and international projects, and development of industrial automation.

Prime Telecom (Telenor Franchise)

Member of prime group, established as an A.O.P. dealing in mobile phone service provider franchise, total capital involvement is 80 lac rupees.

CEO’s Message

It gives us great pleasure to introduce our company Urgent Technologies Pvt. Ltd. We have just launched a vehicle tracking system named as U-Track, based on GPRS technology.

Vision Soft Technologies (Pvt) Ltd is Pakistan’s first ISO 9001-2000 certified vehicle-tracking company. U-Track is European technology; the system is successfully running in Europe, Middle East, and many other countries. U track uses GPRS technology it means 24 hours online tracking. U-track is the only company that is using 3rd generation technology and the best satellite surveillance for better tracking and security services. U-Track is not useful in only tracking vehicles but also is useful for view security, surveillance, security of fixed assets like (power generation plants, Machinery, etc, railway, fleet management, container monitoring, and many other things.

Our goal is to provide you a low-cost solution for effectively managing your mobile assets using state-of-the-art 3rd generation technology. The driving forces behind this system and this market are two enabling technologies: GPS, GSM/GPRS. U-Track develops web-based applications to give our vehicle tracking customers the best facility and satisfaction about them and their security. U-Track, provide u fast and efficient means to track and be in contact with your mobile assets. In addition to standard vehicle tracking solutions, U-Track is capable of developing products to suit your specific needs and demands. We understand custom packaging, unique communication needs, and customer satisfaction and support.

We provide a GPRS tracking system based upon GPS positioning technology using the best satellite technology in the world. GPRS tracking means your vehicle is always online. U-Track can get every 5 seconds location of your vehicle.

Our products along with salient features, comparison with other gadgets available in the market, and client list and prices are enclosed for your convenience.

We will be looking forward to calling on you or if you wish to visit us and see our facility it will be a pleasure for us

With best regards

Yours truly,


Jamshed Khan

Why Buy U-Track?

Pease of Mind

Knowing your vehicle is safe is a great feeling, particularly at a time when there is so much more to worry about for all of us. Ever rising vehicle theft instances in Pakistan pose a constant threat to vehicle owner's piece of mind. The best way to feel secure about your vehicle is to ensure that it is safe and protected at all times, even while you are asleep.


Vehicle thefts are often known to end in violent incidents. Both you and your family need to be protected from such incidents. Only a vehicle security system backed up by security features and its own mobile tracking force can ensure that you and your family come out safe and secure from such emergency situations.

Avoid Loss of Vehicle

Losing your vehicle to thieves' means a great loss of property since 95% of stolen and lost vehicles are not recovered in Pakistan. A sound vehicle security system protects you from this major loss of property and financial setback.

Well Maintained Vehicle Condition

Stolen vehicles are rarely recovered in their actual condition. It is quite usual for vehicles to be badly abused and torn apart when recovered. U-Track is a security system that ensures your vehicle's safe return within a matter of minutes in its actual condition saving you damage and repair costs of the vehicle.

Road Side Assistance

We are all aware of the dangers posed by breaking down on the roadside. On our Gold Service we will rescue you, secure your car and tow you to the nearest safe location. (Security assistance only not mechanical).

U-Track Advantages

- Vast, locally deployed, and 100% indpendent infrastructure - No dependency on any satellites or third party networks - Highly penetrating radio frequency - Advanced vehicle database with back up and disaster support - Fully integrated with mobile tracker teams for instant action - Supports unlimited number of vehicles - Can Integrate existing alarm systems - Automatic, remote and voluntary activation of alarms.

Business Partners

Business Associates

Urgent Technologies is a Business partner of Vision Soft Technologies (Pvt) Ltd. 3F Technologies is dealing in Software Solutions, IT Consultancy and Software Support with a vast experience of Business Intelligence Applications, Business Process Automation, Internet Technologies, eCommerce Solutions and Mobile Computing. 3F Technologies is focused on offering innovative, feature-rich products and solutions. 3F Technologies has structured its operations around market needs. 3F Technologies is a leader in Software Solutions providing a broad range of software, covering the fields of Accountancy, Agriculture, Education, Geographical Information System (GIS), Health Care, Manufacturing, Trading, Textile and many more to cater for the mission critical needs of our clients.

Software Development

Vision Soft Technologies

is a Software development, IT and Security solutions consulting companies having vast experience in designing and implementing enterprise business applications, Web development, e-commerce solutions and mobile computing special in GIS data development and integration with database software. We design applications with keep in mind the cost, usability, stability, security and maintainability. We follow all standard analysis and project management methodologies using best available tools to provide a radical and in-time solution. We blend western technology and standards with eastern cost. We provide comprehensive solutions for your all kind of information technology needs using innovative and modern approach. Vision soft Technologies consist of highly qualified and committed team members, who will give you easy comprehensive and user friendly solutions for your business and organization problems. The main crux of the vision is to be the leader in providing single source information technology, GIS Development, industrial Automation and security solutions to the public and governmental institutions. At Vision Soft we share a real commitment to caring for customers. Our stated objective is to meet customer requirements first time, every time. Our innovative research and development teams utilize leading edge technology and are able to react quickly to emerging market requirements. This results in the manufacture of high quality and reliable products. We are an ISO 9001: 2000 accredited business with state of the art manufacturing and development.

What We Do

Developing Software, IT Consultancy, E-commerce Development is our core business – a business which is service oriented. Providing the best service to our customer's means having the best infrastructure, best people and the quality management, this has been the basis of our organization. Vision Soft has made a substantial investment in building infrastructure to deliver and support high quality software products and services. As see below.
*Software Development and GIS Integration
*Industerial Automation
*Vehicle Security & Fleet Management
*Home & Industrial Security
*Navigation System & Management
*Biometrics security & Management
*IP Video & Camera Security